Who is Team Curate?


Moritz Lips, Carrie Meier-Ho, Oliver Lips

Moritz Lips, Carrie Meier-Ho, Oliver Lips


One balmy summer evening over a languorous dinner, three blogger friends found themselves discussing Switzerland’s social media scene and realized, one thing was generally missing: a service offering beautiful and enticing visual content with seamless storytelling - both set to maximize engagement. It wasn’t long before Carrie, Moritz and Oliver decided to join forces as a collective to offer creative social media content solutions to companies and brands.


Carrie Meier-Ho

strategy & storytelling

A transplant from Singapore, Carrie is a marketeer and PR specialist at heart. Having worked in PR for various 5-star luxury hotels and restaurants in Singapore and Australia, Carrie is familiar with the inner workings of operations, while understanding the critical need for relevant social media management for brands in today's digital world. She currently manages content production and social media output for the lifestyle, travel and restaurant website "Harrys Ding". 


Moritz Lips

photography & editing

Oliver Lips

planning & production


Zürich locals Moritz and Oliver started their blog "Lips Brothers" in 2015 mainly focusing on men's fashion and travel. Through their blog, they were able to work with numerous brands from the fashion, lifestyle and watch industries as well as travel extensively, collaborating with clients in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. In a recent redirection of their website, they shifted from a blog format to a digital creative space, strengthening the focus on photography and storytelling.

In addition to their digital ventures, Oliver and Moritz have been involved in the family’s iconic furniture store «Wohnhilfe» since 2015, where they sign the visual identity and manage web, social media channels, events and communication.